What is Wordprexy??

While randomly blog-surfing I found this blog which said someone accidentally discovered “Wordprexy”. Basically ALL WordPress blogs (Yes, Including yours if you blog on WordPress) have a clone at Wordprexy. If you have a blog on WordPress.Com, you can probably punch in your URL and see “your” clone as well!

I punched in http://talkingtails.wordprexy.com and was surprised to see my blog on Wordprexy with some sort of a Disclaimer at the footer written in Turkish! The only difference between my WordPress blog and its clone on Wordprexy (sic!) is that the latter has Google Ads … Something I haven’t subscribed to.

Basically, someone has exported ALL WordPress.com blogs and has tweaked the script to add Google Ads.. Further, Googling for “Wordprexy” again brought up some queer Turkish pages. Searching on WordPress’ internal forums and FAQs didn’t yeild anything either!Are they a bunch of hackers making money out of other peoples’ content??… I wonder!

If you’re reading this, please shed some light.. I’d be glad if you did!

EDIT: Updates —

People from Wordprexy.com have clarified what the whole deal is all about (and convincingly!).. Please go through the “Comments” to this post.


22 thoughts on “What is Wordprexy??

  1. This sure is weird but i think wordpress and wordprexy have some kind of partnership. I was browsing wordprexy…. they have the wordpress logo etc. and also wordprexy is mentioned in their terms of service. see this: http://www.wordprexy.com/tos/
    Run a search for “wordprexy”…. they have it mentioned… guess wordpress is earning thru these partnerships…. there is something mentioned here: http://www.wordprexy.com/about/
    I don’t have a wordpress account, so don’t know how much is common to a WPuser and this!

  2. @ Puresunshine..

    The links that you have mentioned contian the Wordrpess Logo coz they seem to have Transferred “EVERY” Page on the WordPress Server. That is why the Terms of Service (TOS) mention just WordpreSS.Com everywhere.. and the only place where WordpreXY features is at the bottom.. (Disclaimer) which is in any case not there on the Main WordPress site.

    I am mailing the WP Guys about it.. Let’s see what happens!

  3. hi there,

    as you can see here whole wordpress.com and it subdomains are blocked in turkey. there are bunch of proxy sites on the web that “mirrors” the content of any site, and wordprexy is one of them. only its just for wordpress.com and its subdomains.

    here you can read there are 12 million pageviews from turkey to wordpress.com in a month, and since we’re not wordpress, we cannot afford that much of bandwidth. google ads are just for that. and actully all kind of proxy sites have them.

    if you want, i can remove you from wordprexy.com. you can contact me via e-mail.

  4. This is scary stuff…Don’t know what’s happening, but I’m not liking it. When the Harry Potter madness was on, I remember seeing another blog having all my blog posts copied back to back, but when I clicked on the link, it wouldn’t work.

    Did you get a reply?

  5. @ ALL..

    The response from “wordprexy” seems to be form the poeple at Wordprexy.com .. ALso, the WordPress Support people got back to me saying the same thing: that they are using Reverse Proxy to mirror content so that people can access it!

    I just have one question.. Why put Google Ads on the mirrored pages?.. and WHERE is the money (made from OUR FREE content!) going??..

  6. “reverse proxy” is not a program. it’s a proxy type. we are using our own code in wordprexy, it only fetches the requested page and changing wordpress.com to wordprexy.com.

    you can find some other proxy sites at the end of my comment. if you look at them, they are all showing ads while mirroring your content.

    i am repeating, there are 12 million pageviews from turkey to wordprexy.com in a month, and since we’re not wordpress, we cannot afford that much of bandwidth. google ads are just for that. and actully all kind of proxy sites have them.


  7. I totally agree…why use ads on wordprexy then? It’s totally not fair…I was thinking about Google Adsense last night myself. They are making money on our content. Amit, I think we should take up this issue seriously.

  8. @ Ruhi..

    I don’t think there’s much we can do about it… For 2 reaspns:

    1. I exchanged a couple of mails back-and-forth with WP Support and they said that “there are no security issues.. nothing to worry about”.. and that they are just “mirroring” our content on other servers”.. just so that people form Turkey can access it.. So far so good!

    Regarding Google Ads… (See “wordprexy”‘s post above) .. they say that they’re using Google Ads coz they can’t afford bandwidth.. What do u suggest we do, Ruhi??.. Considering the WP people are aware about this.. You would know better… LAW-girl! ;).. But jokes apart..

    @ dkd903

    Yes. It was probably your site. Thanks! .. Would’ve mentioned it in the post but I couldn’t recall where I first saw it..

  9. @amit, they should have definitely brought it to our notice. It’s weird that we have to find it out this way! they don’t let us put ads in our blogs, but to get support for the bandwidth, they aren’t really hesitating in making money off our content, are they? it’s not really ethical, but there is little we can do.

    I would have shifted to Blogger were it not for WP’s amazing UI… 😦

  10. @ ruhi, if you hv read the two posts from the wordprexy people, they say that they can remove your blog from wordprexy if you want them to do so. btw, they are doing good to people, who are gettin deprived of expressin their views online, by running a mirror to wordpress. enough said from here.

  11. @ Josh

    Nop! .. They’re not owned by Automatic, which maintains WordPress.com. Wordprexy is a Prosy site maintained by a separate body of individuals to ensure that WordPress is available in Turkey (since Woordpress.com is banned there).. Which is why they are mirroring WP blogs..

  12. Woah, Amazing stuff. Wordprexy, when i entered the url :: http://www.wordprexy.com in my browser, the main page basically consisted of the wordpress’ main page contents and the google ads. So, as far as they’re not copying stuff and hosting it as their own with wordpress’ consent, let the turkish people chill out too ;)..

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