Peugeot Ad: It’s the time to Neck-jerk!

Those who have seen this video (Jim Carey – “What is Love” spoof!) would appreciate the joy derived form neck-jerking! I wanted to share (& store!) a particular Peugeot advertisement that I used to be very fond of while in hostel. Actually the ad is pretty ordinary. Nothing spectacular about it really. But just watch the video till the end. The song that plays in the background towards the end is KILLER! .. It’s apt to the ad and of course, you can’t find a better Hindi song to neck-jerk to!

Here’s the Peugeot ad:

I’d been searching for the identity of this song for a long time. Finally, a friend sent me the link to the video.. Take a look at the original song.. It’s called “Bhangra Knights Vs. Husain” by Husain … Again, KILLER neck-jerking..!

In other news, a lot of things are changing at my end (including my blog!), I have finally moved on from the famous Misty Look theme by Sadish and switched over to this Digg-like theme. I like it for the 2 Sidebars. Any comments / feedback on the change of theme would be heartily welcome! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Peugeot Ad: It’s the time to Neck-jerk!

  1. hey, these days whenever I surf through a blog, I see this theme being used…nice theme, seems over used currently, I have used it too, you see. 🙂

    and my friend says…it gets less hits as google does not included pictures in search as pics are not tagged…I don’t know how much truth and logic is there in it…but sure do want more light on it….

  2. @ Poonam..

    Yeah actually all Digg users would have an instant affinity to this theme…. The reason I have this theme is coz it is one of the few GOOD 3-column themes… as in… i like the 2 side-bars… it makes it look a wee-bit cluttered.. but its a 2-sidebar layout nonetheless which suits me! :)..

    Oh!.. and the picures not being tagged seems like a revelation.. let me see if I come across more info on that… WIll let ya know!

  3. @ KK..

    Yes, I had changed the theme while you were away… updated it to the Digg 3-column Theme.. was working pretty good with Firefox users.. but IE readers complained that the text was visible only on highlighting .. otherwise it was white!… I realized I had to manually change the colour virtually every post!… This was an easier solution! ;).. In any case, I kinda like this theme.. very neat!

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