Snake – bytes on Nokia 3310 / 3315

It’s been a year since I’ve been blogging. I still feel there are a lot of important things that have affected my life that I am yet to blog about.. and will, in due course. Let me talk about one of those in this post: Snake –

  • The game that made Nokia 3310 / 3315 an object of my desire / affection / fancy!
  • The game that could get me hooked for hours on end!
  • & the game that’s one of the MAJOR reasons why I did not figure in the top-5 (academically!) in college

Nokia 3310A phone like Nokia 3310 comes once in a millenium (ok.. Decade!! 😉 ) .. One that captures the imagination of the masses and is revolutionary in terms of design and usability. And obviously, when you have a phone that is a house-hold name – the game (software!) available on the fone also acheives overnight super-stardom – riding on the success of the mother that carries it!

Enter the snake! (Not the dragon!) – Slimy. Twisty. Beastly. Hungry.. and Quick! (depending upon the level you choose) – The Snake on Nokia was probably one of the most obidient snakes around – one that you could domesticate and one that made every move depending your where your fingers pointed – truly it was one snake that said “Master, your wish is my command!” – I’ve spent hours playing snake during my days at BIT Mesra – my Top Score (on a Nokia 3310 / 3315 version) being 1,776 (on Level 9 – the fastest!) – I might have crossed that score on a friend’s phone or something.. I dont remember.. I possibly crossed 2,000 sometime – or I choose to fantasize about it! :mrgreen:

Snake - The Game on Nokia 3310 / Nokia 3315

Did you play it?… Did you love it? … What was your highest score?

And just in case you didn’t and want to get a taste of it.. check this out! – and tell me how much you score on this one!