Fiddler’s Green: IIM Lucknow Alumni Venture

I’ve been writing quite a bit about start-ups, book-launches – by friends, alumni and people I happen to know. I am thrilled to introduce to you – Fiddler’s Green – a health food chain which just started out it’s first outlet at the MGF Metropolitan Mall in Gurgaon. Started by 2 friends – both alumni from the Class of 2007 at IIM Lucknow – Atul Pall and Mohit Sood – Fiddler’s green will thrill you, particularly with their range of frozen yoghurt topped by the wide variety of fruits.

Fiddler's Green - MGF Metropolitan Mall, Gurgaon

In addition to yoghurt, they also make healthy grilled sandwiches and salads (trying to enter into Subway territory?), bt the yoghurt there rules the roost as far as I am concerned – I have been to their store around 4 times in the last couple of weeks. Parimarily, because I like the yoghurt – my personal favourite being the “Blueberry” flavour topped with fresh mango and Kiwi!

If you’re at Gurgaon, Fiddler’s Green is both a stone’s throw away, and worth a shot! 🙂

How do start-ups manage manpower?

This post is “inspired” by my earlier post on “Outsourced Marketing?”

I had started a discussion on a LinkedIn forum about how start-ups acquire and manage talent. Ended up getting some wonderful insights from people all over.The question was –

Start-ups face 2 major challenges:

1. Money – of course – enough has been said about VCs, Angels, etc. – so I will not broach the subject!

2. People – … That’s the interesting bit! … A start-up which can crack this – is well on its way. Having people whop identify with an entrepreneur’s vision is the first step towards solving the people puzzle.. Or is it?

Vineeta on the cover of Outlook Business!


This fortnight’s Outlook Business (February 8 – February 21, 2009 Issue) caarries a cover story on ‘Young Leaders.’ All of us at Quetzal are quite thrilled to see Vineeta’s picture on the cover and her name along with Quetzal Verify‘s among the top Young Leaders in the ‘entrepreneurs’ category. The write-up itself was about how forums are helping start-ups and entrepreneurs or if it all there is a tangible outcome of such initiatives!

Read the full story here.