Adding LibraryThing Book list to blogs

Now, I don’t know how important it would be to people, but I had a tough time trying to figure out how to enable a LibraryThing widget on the sidebar of my blog (since No java-scripts are enabled). Finally, after browsing forums and with help from ngilmour, I managed to have “Random books from my Library” on my sidebar in the form of an … Continue reading Adding LibraryThing Book list to blogs

What is Wordprexy??

While randomly blog-surfing I found this blog which said someone accidentally discovered “Wordprexy”. Basically ALL WordPress blogs (Yes, Including yours if you blog on WordPress) have a clone at Wordprexy. If you have a blog on WordPress.Com, you can probably punch in your URL and see “your” clone as well! I punched in and was surprised to see my blog on Wordprexy with some … Continue reading What is Wordprexy??